What we do

Wineflite provides a legal, safe and secure door-to-door service for shipping your wine purchase home. As we launch our website we will achieve our dream of creating a unique service: the first and only dedicated worldwide wine shipping service for the Wine Traveler.

How we do it

How it's done and what makes it tick is not all that different from other companies. It’s a group of talented and hard working people, who have decided to become part of a worldwide team dedicated to this remarkable wine shipping service.

We have freight hubs located in every wine-producing nation in the world. With their freight expertise, and our web based system, we are capable of picking up your wine wherever you may have bought it, and arrange for it to be delivered straight to your door back home.

How to ship your wine

You can obtain a list of our Authorized Service Agents by searching for them in our travel directory.

Many wine businesses throughout the world have partnered with us to help travelers with their wine shipments by utilizing our web-based online system. Any WSA will be able to create the wine shipment for you. If a WSA is not available please pick up the phone, no matter where you are and call us. We’ll pick up your wine and deliver it to your door back home. 

Who we are

We are a group of talented and highly motivated people located throughout the world, dedicated to providing the Wine Traveler with the ability to ship wine home. 

The Director of Wineflite, Gary Forer, provides the catalyst and cohesion for growing and maintaining Wineflite on a day-to-day basis.

Greg McLaughlin’s vision is the reason we have this amazing new service, otherwise it would be nothing more then a dream. 

Alison Corder heads up our customer service department, and will be your contact, and source of information for your wine shipment when shipping wine back to the United States. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Wine Traveler ship home the wine they fell in love with while traveling with little to no paperwork, and little to no effort on their part. We believe in our mission, and our quest to be the best at what we do. As a team of talented people, we’ve come together to form a cohesive team that is devoted to helping the Wine Traveler ship their wine back home.

Why we need your feedback

We want to build a community of like-minded people who love travel and wine. The only way to achieve this is to know what our travelers want and need.

We want and need to hear from you. We want to know what you think, how you feel, and what would make you happy.

Please take the time to send us your thoughts, and your comments.


Greg McLaughlin/CEO

After graduating from the University of Santa Clara in California, Greg McLaughlin started his career in 1981 at CF Airfreight, a subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways, working at their corporate headquarters. This was the start of a career that would provide him with a life long mastery of what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive world of freight forwarding.

His foray into customer service, dealing with problems and personalities has propelled his career, and showed him clearly that his talents, and his deft touch in working with people, has benefited him as he grew and learned about the freight industry. Once management came to appreciate his communication skills, he was moved into a position of handling large international clients with oversized loads and special shipments. Always seeking to grow and learn, Greg moved to Emery Worldwide, one of the big players in the freight world. At that point he started working with some of the largest and most demanding of clients, arranging for transportation for the America’s Cup, and even the Solar car that was sent to Australia to race. He coordinated all the details to make this happen, and at that point he saw what would become his future working in the freight world.

In 1991 Greg moved into the sales arena, working closely with accounts and freight forwarders throughout the world. A start in logistics eventually propelled Greg from customer service to sales executive, from sales manager to area manager to regional manager, all prior to starting his own business in 1996. From that first day of owning his own business, Greg has overseen the growth of Air and Ground World transport, and has been instrumental in expanding the business to 10 offices in 5 countries, with a staff of over a 100 people.

While traveling the world over for his freight business, Greg developed a love and appreciation for wine. It’s not surprising that his newest venture, Wineflite, is an offshoot of his expertise in moving freight and his passion for wine.

Gary Forer/Director of Wineflite

Gary Forer began his career at an early age working part time at his mom’s store where he learned the meaning of work and what it takes to get things done. After a short stint at college, Gary began what would be a long career as an entrepreneur, owning several manufacturing companies and acting as VP of Sales for many other large volume manufacturers selling to the mass market.

His history of working with retail has given Gary a keen eye and a savvy understanding of what the consumer wants and needs.

When Greg McLaughlin mentioned the idea of Wineflite to Gary one day over a casual lunch, the light bulb in Gary’s head went off, and Greg saw that it did. From that one meeting, Wineflite took on a focus and purpose that would lead it to become the one and only dedicated wine shipping company in the world.

Gary has a knack for working with start up companies, training sales people, working with employers and employees to get everyone on the same page. He is a proponent of sharing and understanding the grand vision. This insight is the guiding principal helping Gary to be the leader he is.  He brings a flair and dogged determination for staying focused on the goal and achieving the results he wants for the company, to not only survive, but to grow and prosper.

As the Director of Wineflite, Gary brings a highly charged sense of purpose, an over the top degree of excitement and enthusiasm, and a love for the creation of this new company.

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Contact info

Wineflite Headquarters is located at:
167 Camino Dorado
Napa CA 94558

Customer Service

Email us at client.services@wineflite.com
For problems while in the USA please call 800-285-1135 between the hours of 8am – 4pm PST - USA